Meet Our Team


Sam Beauford Woodshop instructors are professional woodworkers. We work together, share ideas, and provide the best woodworking education possible.

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"Canoe Mike" 

Boat Building
Paddle Making
Texas Barbecue

Mike is a canoe builder and high quality paddle maker. He is a retired electrician and owner of Thomsen Boats. He spends most of his time eating BBQ and shaving wood on the shave horse. He has purchased finishing products from every finishing company in the US. He endeavors to own every Canadian finishing product, too. 




Chad Stanton

Hand Tools
Comic Relief
Video Content

Chad is the owner of Stanton Fine Furniture, a Licensed Contractor, as well as a member of the Professional Remodeling Organization and the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. He is also a spokesperson for Titebond, guest demonstrator and lecturer for Woodcraft, former contributing editor for American Woodworker Magazine, and host of Popular Woodworking’s "I Can Do That" web series.


Luke Barnett

Green Woodworking
Windsor Chairs
Steaks and Scotch

Luke had been a professional woodworker and teacher for the past 5 years. He is an award winning Windsor chair maker and the owner of Barnett Chairs. He shares his passion for woodworking with students from all over the country. Luke said when he grows up he wants to be Theodore Roosevelt. Luke loves watching bare knuckle boxing fights and is a huge fan of MMA. He occasionally talks on the phone to DON FRYE. Boo-Yah.


Andrew Brown

CNC router
Youth Leadership
Recreational Construction

Andrew Is the newest member of our crew. He is passionate about woodworking and industrial arts education. He is the owner of Great Lakes Woodworks in the beautiful Blissfield, Michigan. He is very tolerant of Luke's sense of humor, and for that we are grateful. 





Rita Coudron

Class Assistant
No Bake Cookies
Ceramic Tree Lamps

Rita is the class shop assistant. She has taken every class we offer. She now is proficient in every tool in the shop. She makes Peanut Butter no-bake cookies that we believe are the best snack in the world. We would like to challenge Gordon Ramsay to a No-Bake cook off against Rita. Gordon: click the button below to accept. #BringitGordon



Dena Koehn

Spoon Carving
Internet Marketing                 Pinterest Projects                        Milk Paint Finishing  

Dena is a recovering ceramic artist. One day, when she was going to play in the dirt, she got lost on her way to the clay studio, and ended up in the wood shop. Now she makes killer Swedish style spoons. She also makes the best coffee mugs in the world (they are ceramic, but we can forgive her for that).