About Us

Governing Board:

Bob Vogel - President

Joel Barss - Vice President

Brent Mercer - Treasurer

Dena Koehn - Secretary

Luke Barnett - Director

Jim Philp

Patty Clark

Cathy Koehn

Andrew Greenwell

Dane Nelson

Kevin Iott


Mission Statement: 

We provide resources to learn marketable and measurable skills that are valuable in both a personal and professional capacity.


Vision Statement:

Striving to be the top woodworking education resource in the world.





Core Values:

a.       Openness

“Members of the woodshop will be open to all ideas and interests”

b.      Empowerment

“We must provide encouragement to all woodworkers at all times”

c.       Fellowship

“Members will sustain a friendly association with other members and woodworkers”

d.      Craftsmanship

“We will strive to only teach and preform the best work possible”

e.      Inclusivity

“We will encourage anyone and everyone to be a part of the woodshop”

f.        Transparency

“Members of the woodshop must share knowledge with one another. Members must not keep techniques or trade secrets from one another”

g.       Honesty

“Members are expected to be honest and open at all times”

h.      Safety

“Members must set an example of safe working practices at all times”



Who Are We?

The Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Adrian, MI and incorporated on April 23rd, 2017. We provide woodworking classes for all ages, including job training, workforce development and rehabilitation services.

Who we serve?

The SBWI supports three types of people – students, hobbyists, and professionals. The facility is inclusive and open to all. Some work undertaken is considered pure art, while other opportunities are designed for students to gain employment.

Professional - Accredited Job Training

Michigan based employers are desperate for skilled workers. We offer credentialed and accredited skill based job training for the woodworking manufacturing and construction industry. This benefits the community by offering more educational opportunities to close the skills gap. A highly skilled and credentialed labor force makes Lenawee County attractive for new industry.

Personal Development - Art Classes

We offer project based woodworking classes geared to those in the community who are interested in personal pursuits in art. Artistic opportunities create a positive outlet for our community and increases the quality of life. This makes Lenawee County a more attractive place to live and work.   

Independent Study - Co-op Opportunities

Our current capacity allows us to lower the barrier to entry into the world of woodworking by giving community members access to machinery, tools, and shop space. Users then elect studio space under a number of membership options.

Community Outreach

In addition to classes and workshops, we host a variety of after-school activities for junior high and high school students, guest artist lectures, community exhibitions, and internship opportunities. SBW has partnered with local organizations like The Boys and Girls Club, Adult Transitional Services, LISD, Hope Center, Goodwill, and others, to provide personal development opportunities at little or no cost.




Mailing Address: 

652 Budlong St

Adrian MI 49221


Physical Location:

2300 N. Adrian Hwy

Building #41

Adrian MI 49221



  • 4x8 Shopbot PRS Alpha CNC

  • Camaster Stinger CNC

  • BFB 3d touch 3D Printer

  • 14" Delta Table Saw

  • 24" Porter Planer

  • 36" Moak Bandsaw

  • (5) Lathes

  • (3) 14" Band Saw

  • Large hand tool shop

  • 12" Moak Jointer

  • V-Carve Educational Software

  • Fusion 360 Educational software

  • 12 Computer Lab

  • 8" Oliver Jointer

  • 19/38" Sander

  • Industrial Shaper Table

  • 14" Radial Arm Saw

  • 8 Woodworking Benches

  • Much More and Rapidly Growing