Spoon Carving Classes

Spoon Carving

One Weekend, 10 AM - 2 PM each day

Instructors: Cale Stoker of Cave & Canopy

$150 Tuition

Ages 14 & Up

Join Cale Stoker of Cave & Canopy for a 2 session class on wooden spoon carving. Students will use only a few tools and a piece of firewood or wind fallen branch and leave with something you can use every day. Tools will be provided by the instructor. Students are also welcome to bring their own tools. Students will use a hatchet, fixed blade knife and a hook knife. Extra tools and materials can be purchased at the time of the class for very little cost. This is the perfect intro class for sculptural woodworking.

If you have any questions about this class, please contact Wood Shop Director Luke Barnett at luke@sambeaufordwoodshop.com or (517) 902-8383.

Class Size: Minimum Students 6, Maximum 12



About Cale Stoker and Cave & Canopy:

Cave & Canopy is a collective project between Ashleh Worden + Cale Stoker. It grew through a shared love for gathering and creating. Ashleh learned to metalsmith at Grand Valley State University, while Cale is mostly self-taught in woodcarving following an introduction to the craft at Wheatland Traditional Arts Weekend. They create as a means of following their bliss, and through doing so they hope to share their love, learn and have adventures worth sharing. Find them on Etsy by clicking here.