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Volunteer & Events Committee

  1. Purpose of the Committee: As a committee of the Board of Directors, the goals of the event committee are as follows

    1. Develop volunteers

    2. Develop and execute events, including the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival

     Reports to: Board of Directors and takes direction from the institution’s strategic plan

    Staff to the Committee: Executive Director

     Committee membership and operations: Members include both Board and non-Board members. All committee work is done in partnership with and through the leadership and enabling of assigned staff. The Board of Directors makes all staff assignments. The committee does not usurp the authority of the Board, and neither directs nor oversees staff.

    Frequency of Meetings: As necessary, estimated at 8-10 times per year. The SBWI is video chat enabled if you cannot attend meetings in person.

LONG LIVE WOOD - Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute in Adrian, MI
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